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I was speaking at an event in Sydney on International Women’s Day about the Rise of the Feminine and of course Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was a good subject to talk about. Whether we sided with her party or not, we all expressed our  disappointment at how badly the news media treated her personally, criticising not just her policies but her hair, her voice, her clothes and even the way she walks. You never hear that about a male politician, ever. Nobody comments on a shirt or an accent or messy wind-blown hair … so why are we still subjected to such meaningless commentaries about female politicians?

My good friend Dr David Paul works closely with world leaders and leading politicians across the globe,  so I prevailed on him to talk to me on video about some of these issues that face women leaders. We had two great long conversations that were filled with rich insights about feminine leadership and the dynamics between men and women. I found it fascinating and I’m sure you will too.  I have edited our in-depth discussions and produced seven short videos which I shall release over the following weeks. I will put them on my blog once a week.

The first video focuses more on feminine leadership and we talk about:
1 how women politicians could be more successful and win more support
2 David’s advice for women today in changing the world
3 role models of women who are leading with their feminine qualities
4 why women can be more effective at changing a culture