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During the summer (in the northern hemisphere) I published seven videos of conversations I had this year with leadership and complex change expert Dr David Paul. These conversations were extremely popular and I received a great deal of feedback affirming many of the points made.

Now I am back in Sydney again I am delighted to say that David and I met for another series of conversations talking about several topics that are currently in the Australian (and international) press about Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the publication of the annual data census on the number of women in board, executive and management positions (or the lack thereof). I have now have six videos to share with you … before I do you might like to review some of the previous conversations.

Here they are:

Number 1
The importance of feminine qualities in women leaders
David’s advice for women today in changing the world and how women politicians could be more successful and win more support

Number 2
More women needed on Boards
How women can lack confidence and doubt themselves

Number 3
We need to change the negative news reporting of women

Number 4
Women need to uncover their “gold” inside ….. to step forward and drive change
the metaphor of the golden buddha and how that correlates with women now

Number 5
Olympic Golden Girls & Yahoo’s Mama-to-be CEO show new role models are emerging
new role models emerging for women

Number 6
The century for women – we have more milestones to create!
David talks about what holds women back and what women need to do to advance.

Number 7
Why men don’t listen to women … or can’t hear them?!
Why men don’t listen to women  …… a subject to amuse or to get to the bottom of?