Event: Business Briefing over Breakfast, Tues Nov 26th, Sydney CBD, Deutsche Bank Square – 7.30am start (one hour) BOOK HERE

Well I am absolutely delighted to be asked by the Brooklyn Institute to speak at an event specifically addressed to menwomen are welcome too … but the thrust of the conversation is: what does this conversation about Feminine Leadership mean to men?  Is it threatening? Can they get on board? How can they leverage it as an opportunity?

The rise of women in all areas of public life is a key global trend and one which will absolutely transform business. The effect will increasingly be felt throughout society – in family life, in relationships, in communities, in government and very much so in the domain of work. Perhaps at one time, as women started to enter the workplace in great numbers from the 1960s, women moving up the ranks was seen as something to be feared. Will they ruin everything? Can they do the job?  … and as well as men?

A few decades later and we have a wealth of data that shows women are making a huge contribution, not only to the economy, but also to the increased profit levels of businesses that are smart enough to leverage the female talent pool they have. In fact, you could almost say that women pretty much are a secret weapon which can make the difference. However if we do say that then we getting into the very male language which women shy away from!

WORKSHOP ON WEDNESDAY Nov 27th: Everything that will be covered at the Breakfast will be a synopsis and insight into the women-only program being delivered on Wed Nov 27th, a one day workshop for professional women on how “Feminine Leadership holds the key to Business Success”. See the here for workshop details and last minute bookings.

The difference that women do make:

  1. Companies with women at the top are much more successful
  2. Even one woman on a Board makes a company 20% less likely to go bankrupt
  3. Hedge Funds run by women significantly outperform those run by men

Key points that will be talked about:

  • what does adding the word feminine to leadership mean?
  • why women have not made it to the top (some insider secrets from women about what takes them out of the running)
  • The largest brain study ever shows that women are actually wired for leadership
  • The most important things to do in a systems-wide change
  • How being a father could change everything for everyone’s daughters
  • what does it mean to leverage the female advantage .. and what does it take?

Please do join us in Sydney on Tuesday. BOOK HERE to be included in this invitational event   – last bookings at noon Monday 25th. And space is limited so book now.

Watch my 3-minute video where I talk about all this and how Australia could lose its competitive edge after dropping nine positions and out of the top 20 countries, in the latest Global Gender Gap Report (GGG) just published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF says that it is possible to address the problem of gender imbalance and disparity if you can measure it so they started a system to do this in 2006. The GGG report investigates and rates how countries across the world are empowering women in each of four areas: economically, politically, access to health care and education. Out of 136 countries the most equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity for women is in Iceland, with all the Nordic countries appearing in the top 10 rankings. Australia is now ranked at 24.