Gina Lazenby live on Preston FM Radio talking about feminine wisdom and feminine leadership with Hughie Parr

.. that was the question that came across my desk a couple of weeks ago and the unlikely questioner was Brian Ashman, the Station manager of Preston FM … who? Quite!

From left field … I might live and breath conversations about feminine wisdom and feminine leadership but I really was quite astounded to receive a request from a local radio station especially since it wasn’t from a woman hosting a female magazine show …. it was from two guys. Brilliant!  Listen to the interview here.

What to say?  I thought about creating a crisp definitive explanation of feminine wisdom (good luck at finding anything in the dictionary) and as I mused over this I put out a question to my tribe of friends for their thoughts.

Then I got it. Just show up. When I sat down with Hughie he introduced me saying that normally he would do research for an interview with a guest, make lots of notes and have a list of questions. This time he just had “Gina Lazenby. Feminine Wisdom” on his pad! Nothing else.  I laughed. I said that I too would normally do my own research, plan what I wanted to say and have a crib sheet or mindmap in front of me as a prompt. Today I had nothing.

My guidance was to show up, to calmly be me, be present to whatever question came my way and to bring forth a reply of whatever needed to be said in that moment. For me … that in itself summed up feminine wisdom! Presence, guidance, inner wisdom, intuition, listening, speaking from the heart, grace, trust, allowing your authentic voice to come through ….  I felt that it was a beautifully simple reinforcement of what I do. It can be pretty scary sometimes but then it’s all about trust … trusting that we have all we need inside.

Listen to the short interview … online here.

We talked about how wisdom is missing from society today, the lack of ‘wise woman’ in the dictionary …. onto … female (as he called it) leadership, the lack of women in British parliament, the number of new women MPs who don’t propose to run in the next election, the invisible male culture, why women leave corporate life ……. and so much more