P1090023Attending Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco last week meant I got to hear and meet some fascinating people. One of those was Jeanine Becker. When I heard that she taught collaboration my interest was stirred. In a world driven by competition, collaboration is one of the key feminine traits that needs to be developed. The word is increasingly being used but I don’t see that people really know how to do this. So many business partnerships and endeavours are built on collaborative effort at the outset but ultimately fail as people don’t know how to engage in a non-competitive way.

Where are the role models for collaboration? I don’t see it being taught as standard business practice. The default way of growing business is to keep a sharp eye out for what the competition are doing and then to do whatever it takes to grab a share of the market. New practices are being called for and not only are we being asked to do things differently – we are being required to set aside our egos and to change who we are being in business.

I relished the opportunity to interview Jean. We had a 30 minute discussion. This 6-minute video is the first part of our conversation (more to follow) where she explains the three key steps for collaborating successfully.