Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.39.18 AMLet’s make it a Level Playing Field

The conversation about why more women are not at the top of corporations, as CEOs and Board members continues to gather momentum, both in the UK and in most developed countries.

Next Thursday April 10th in London, the Leaders Club (TLC) presents an important event aimed at driving this conversation forward and debating practical actions to recommend that will come from a cross-section of the business community.

Two events were originally held in London and Liverpool at the start of the year focusing on the conversation “Women in Business: where is the level playing field?” and were attended by over 80 professionals involved in management, coaching, human resources and training development.

A report of the two evening discussions highlighted many issues but a clear strand emerged that showed a need to move beyond discussion and outline clear practical actions.  Quite clearly the playing field is not level so creative conversations about new actions are necessary.  What ideas will emerged to be championed?

The event on 10th April will pick up on 3 of these key themes that emerged: (read more about the event and BOOK)

  • The Conflict Dilemma – where WORK is seemingly at odds with LIFE, how this affects everyone not just women
  • The Confidence Issue – from some angles it looks like women need fixing or changing. What can women do,  how can the system support them and what needs to change in the system.
  • Looking Ahead: The Next Generation of women leaders prepared now

What can we actually DO to create a more level playing field for women in business? The focus of the discussions will take on these 4 areas:

  1. Celebrate differences, reward performance and focus on outcomes: how can we impact business culture to be more accommodating to the integration of work, life and family?
  2. Leadership development and culture change.
  3. Reality check on what it takes to get to the top.
  4. The “Quotas and Representation” issue: what creative alternatives can we come up with that build on the idea of quotas but which do not involve legislation?

If you have an interest in Leadership then you are welcome to join the conversation on Thursday April 10th.  The Leadership Club is a unique forum for members to exchange ideas and best practice and develop new approaches.  It is an unparalleled networking organisation, where members are encouraged to use their expertise and experience to inspire leaders of the future. The Club’s exclusive membership is made up of leading practitioners in top management, leadership and learning and development.
 Members are drawn from key organisations, large and small, from the private, public and services sectors, as well as the military.

From my first participation in January I can report that I met some very interesting people and found the group