Today’s episode of The Rise of the Feminine is a special feature hosted from the Global Woman Summit, attended by Gina Lazenby on July 30-31 in London. Gina engages with four speakers from the event. First, she discusses its importance with Summit founder Mirela Sula who also publishes Global Woman Magazine. Secondly, she puts the spotlight on one woman, Helen Walbey who discusses the feminine way to run a business which contracts greatly with industry colleagues in her field of motorcycle recycling … a highly masculine arena.

Next is a discussion of the ‘Ask the Men’ Panel with panelist Joe St Clair on changing masculinity and finally, Keynote speaker Prof Ervin Laszlo summarises the new paradigm the world needs and the essential role women will play. The 2 days of thought-provoking talks were headlined by Nobel Peace prize nominee Prof Laszlo who spoke of the transformation needed in the world with a movement away from the typically masculine world of ‘everyone out for himself’ to a global-woman led future where women everywhere are putting to work their natural disposition to care, communicate and create a global family.


Prof Ervin Laszlo at the Global Woman Summit interviewed by Gina Lazenby

The idea, that who we are as women, and what we’re doing, makes us part of a big global movement that is shifting the world we are in, was very much the theme of the weekend summit, and was so beautifully articulated by Professor Laszlo. There were some men at the event and in no way was anything expressed as a put down to individual men, but we got to understand from Professor Laszlo that we are at a critical juncture in the history of humankind, and the transformation we need is from what he called, the typically masculine world.

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