This week, on The Rise of the Feminine Radio, soft power is at the centre of the conversation and the first guest, soft power expert and consultant, Indra Adnan illuminates the subject with the background of her work and experience. With soft power becoming a subject that’s discussed more widely in society it’s important to understand what makes it different from hard power, and what purpose it serves in today’s world.

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Gina interviewing Dr Phyllis SantaMaria about her time in Guatamala 50 years ago and the legacy from her time there supporting a community of women

In the Country Report, Gina talks with the Norwegian founder of the WIN Conference Kristin Envig, who gives insight into the female experience in Norway. Norway is not only listed in the Top 12 of the soft power lead table, it’s also made great strides in female leadership and gender equality. This positions this nation and this guest, as a great source of inspiration and information.

The final guest on this show is Dr Phyllis SantaMaria, a woman who’s had a wonderful career working with communities in different parts of the world, starting in Guatemala and Kenya. Gina and Phyllis discuss the impact she has made and how her work decades ago continues to inspire and empower women today.

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