About Gina Lazenby

Gina LazenbyGina Lazenby:  Speaker, Author, Teacher, Mentor, Women’s Advocate

A thought leader in Feminine Leadership, Gina Lazenby currently edits and presents a radio show on the Voice America channel called The Rise of the Feminine. She works internationally providing educational programs for women leaders and entrepreneurs. Gina acts as a discreet mentor to accomplished and high profile women leaders and offers residential transformational retreats and bespoke programs.

Gina travels extensively and her current work includes developing women’s circles and networks as a transformational catalyst. Previously, Gina has been honoured for her pioneering work in creating change and personal development movements. She is currently distilling her insights in feminine leadership into her forthcoming book:  The Rise of the Feminine: how business and society can ride the coming wave. Alongside this book she is also collating data and research for her next book: The New Masculine as she is passionate about gender work that brings men and women together and honors their separate and different contributions.

Gina has a unique skill-set in big picture thinking and reading the patterns of business.  She uses a blend of practical business acumen and insights from working with thousands of women and from decades exploring ancient wisdom and spiritual practice. She is a Founder Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe and sits on their Wisdom Council;  an International Board Member of Leading Women of Africa and has been nominated by members of the public as one of the UK’s Leading Evolutionaries.

The wisdom and skills she developed as an international best-selling author & TV expert commentator on healthy lifestyle & well-being and founder of a ground-breaking PR & Marketing agency leading many award-winning campaigns for clients, assist in giving her a well-rounded and leading edge in the promotion of feminine leadership in organisations and throughout the world. Gina travels extensively and has office bases in Yorkshire, London, San Francisco and Sydney, and collaborates with a wide-reaching network of associate experts.


“Gina is a motivational speaker who has actually experienced everything she talks about. She walks the talk no matter what.  Thank you Gina for transforming our lives. I dread to imagine where I would be without your inspiration and support.
MB, CEO, Publisher & Movie Producer

“Gina is a relentless campaigner. She truly inspires you into action as she practices what she preaches in every area of her life.   The first time I met her and experienced her energy levels I decided that I wanted some of that.   And then there was no looking back. Our whole life and experience of living as a family transformed.” LB Theatre Director

“I was so impressed with the group led by Gina, it really surpassed my expectations….  She created great focused energy in the group.  Nobody wanted to leave…   Gina is practical, intuitive and supportive.  My experience with her was very powerful!  I only hope many more people will have opportunity to take part in Gina’s educational sessions.”  GG, Business Coach

.“One year on I can say that your retreat was a very important weekend in my life, such a catalyst for me … I am eternally grateful. The work we did on finding our purpose really helped me focus on making what I am passionate about into a business. I feel very positive about the future even though I have just experienced one of my most difficult years.”  BB, business owner

“I really do feel very inspired and refreshed – something I’ve been searching for for a long time. The wellbeing you exude is infectious and I hope I never recover from it !” Isobel

“Whenever we meet, I leave feeling enriched!  Your unerring ability to communicate in gentle ways so that everyone can benefit, is always impressive.  You are a magnificently honest woman who, over all the many years I have known you, has always walked your talk.” IC, Management Consultant


1 thought on “About Gina Lazenby”

  1. Gina, my name is Cath Daley and every month I interview highly successful women leaders for my Women Leaders’ Podcast. I am constantly looking for amazing women to interview and wondered if you would be interested in sharing with other women who and what has inspired you to where you are. I don’t know how else to contact you so have posted here.You can email me at cdaley@cathdaley.com for more details.
    Kind regards,

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