Feminine leadership is about women stepping forward and being willing to lead whenever they see the need (in corporate, civic, community or family life) and bringing to bear their whole self and authentic presence. There is a new form of leadership emerging and it’s one where women are leveraging their feminine gifts and values. The world is ready for this shift because it is helping to emerge new solutions where the old ways are no longer bearing fruit.

With so much unhappiness, stress, fear and disengagement in workplaces the qualities of kindness, compassion and caring are not just humane and helpful, they are more profitable. With massive data overload it’s not always possible to navigate through the information to make the right decision. More people are recognising the value of accessing their inner compass and learning to bring their intuition abilities to the decision-making process as well. Caring for people is increasingly understood to impact profits in a better way than simply focussing on the bottom line directly.

The inclusion of women at the highest levels of business makes for much better results. And more women make more of a difference. It’s not easy for a lone woman to have much impact on group thinking but three women on a Board have been shown to influence a culture and start to create change.

Women are different and it’s now time for them to leverage the differences and honour the special contribution they can make. Operating from feminine power is going to safeguard the well-being of each woman and benefit all of those in the communities around her.

In this blog Gina Lazenby presents video interviews, reports, news and commentaries which highlight how women are moving forward in all areas of life across the world and how feminine qualities are increasingly being valued.


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