Radio Episode 4: In an Age of Soft Power, Technology Helps Women Shape The Future

This week, on The Rise of the Feminine Radio, soft power is at the centre of the conversation and the first guest, soft power expert and consultant, Indra Adnan illuminates the subject with the background of her work and experience. With soft power becoming a subject that’s discussed more widely in society it’s important to understand what makes it different from hard power, and what purpose it serves in today’s world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 22.15.43.png

Gina interviewing Dr Phyllis SantaMaria about her time in Guatamala 50 years ago and the legacy from her time there supporting a community of women

In the Country Report, Gina talks with the Norwegian founder of the WIN Conference Kristin Envig, who gives insight into the female experience in Norway. Norway is not only listed in the Top 12 of the soft power lead table, it’s also made great strides in female leadership and gender equality. This positions this nation and this guest, as a great source of inspiration and information.

The final guest on this show is Dr Phyllis SantaMaria, a woman who’s had a wonderful career working with communities in different parts of the world, starting in Guatemala and Kenya. Gina and Phyllis discuss the impact she has made and how her work decades ago continues to inspire and empower women today.

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ROTF Episode 3: Feminine Intelligence – the new operating system has arrived

The third episode of The Rise of the Feminine airs on Monday the 15th of August. Listen here.  The first guest is Dr Scilla Elworthy, a three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Throughout her impressive career, she’s witnessed feminine leadership and intelligence first hand, and she believes the countless women-led initiatives we’re seeing all over the world are evidence of the uptake in this new thinking. The media may not have caught onto it yet, but it’s a huge wave that will change leadership and business, to society’s benefit.


Radio Show host Gina Lazenby with Bernhard Plecher at Femme Q in Berlin

This episode also features a report on Femme Q, the first summit on feminine intelligence held in Berlin this summer. Gina sat down with business leader Bernhard Plecher whose own company has benefited from a shift away from the old masculine approach to a more feminine way of doing business.  He says, “We all have our egos but I would think that women by nature have less ego. They are less ego driven than men, their compassion comes first. They are willing to step back ego wise for a bigger harmony. They are more willing to do so than men, men are more power driven.”


The Rise of the Feminine’s third guest is Dr Armgard von Reden, former Director of Government Programs for IBM Germany. Dr von Reden’s role in influencing policy brought her to the inner circles of power where she observed the world’s most powerful woman, Chancellor Angela Merkel. She shares insights into the Chancellor’s style of leadership, and how her feminine approach is what is needed in politics today.

Through examples of women centered business and a woman led government, we delve into the reasons feminine intelligence, this new operating system, is necessary in meeting the world’s current challenges. We also want to understand the real life impact of feminine leadership and the lessons society as a whole can learn from it.

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What’s the Role of Women as the World Transforms?

Today’s episode of The Rise of the Feminine is a special feature hosted from the Global Woman Summit, attended by Gina Lazenby on July 30-31 in London. Gina engages with four speakers from the event. First, she discusses its importance with Summit founder Mirela Sula who also publishes Global Woman Magazine. Secondly, she puts the spotlight on one woman, Helen Walbey who discusses the feminine way to run a business which contracts greatly with industry colleagues in her field of motorcycle recycling … a highly masculine arena.

Next is a discussion of the ‘Ask the Men’ Panel with panelist Joe St Clair on changing masculinity and finally, Keynote speaker Prof Ervin Laszlo summarises the new paradigm the world needs and the essential role women will play. The 2 days of thought-provoking talks were headlined by Nobel Peace prize nominee Prof Laszlo who spoke of the transformation needed in the world with a movement away from the typically masculine world of ‘everyone out for himself’ to a global-woman led future where women everywhere are putting to work their natural disposition to care, communicate and create a global family.


Prof Ervin Laszlo at the Global Woman Summit interviewed by Gina Lazenby

The idea, that who we are as women, and what we’re doing, makes us part of a big global movement that is shifting the world we are in, was very much the theme of the weekend summit, and was so beautifully articulated by Professor Laszlo. There were some men at the event and in no way was anything expressed as a put down to individual men, but we got to understand from Professor Laszlo that we are at a critical juncture in the history of humankind, and the transformation we need is from what he called, the typically masculine world.

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Five Important Elements of Feminine Leadership outlined by Dr David Paul

Dr David Paul interviewed by Gina Lazenby for The Rise of the Feminine Radio

The Rise of the Feminine radio show host Gina Lazenby interviews Dr David Paul in Sydney

Five Important Elements of Feminine Leadership – shared by Dr David Paul on his interview with Gina Lazenby in the launch show

With the recent appointments of women like Theresa May as the Prime Minister in the UK and Yuriko Koike, the first female governor of Tokyo, to top political positions, and the potential presidency of Hillary Clinton, the conversation about female leaders is one that has garnered much attention and one that is critical and necessary right now. The world needs exposure to feminine leadership and perceptions need to be shifted towards a better understanding of the different qualities women bring to the table.

The radio show The Rise of the Feminine, was created with this intention, to bring a spotlight to the new potential that women can offer. Women are rising in the world today and it’s worth exploring how feminine values are being increasingly expressed more openly in business, politics and society. In the episode aired August 1st, Dr David Paul, an adviser to heads of state and a feminine leadership thought leader, was interviewed about female political leaders.

According to Dr Paul, the leadership qualities reflected in women are incredibly important considering the complex issues the world is facing right now. He believes that women have a completely new vision and society at large can, and will, benefit from this. He also goes on to give five key characteristics that define feminine leadership and how they differ from masculine leadership.

  1. Men think sequentially and linearly while women have the ability to multitask and see an issue in multiple dimensions. “You can see that with the way that women juggle so many tasks in the household.” He said men tend to focus on the next thing, then the one after that while women’s ability to see a more holistic viewpoint helps in dealing with complexity and the inter-connected nature of issues.
  2. Angela Merkel defines feminine leadership, especially her handling of the refugee situation. “She showed courage in the face of absolute chaos, a boldness of vision and a real decisiveness about humanity. She embodies all those qualities, a feminine leader brings to any situation as opposed to the very rational, logical, autocratic ‘this-is-the-way’ kind of approach that a male leader would traditionally bring.”
  3. Women have the ability to bring a different language to a global conversation. Merkel’s solution to the refugee situation was led by compassion. In Theresa May’s case, she  to responded the fact that people felt unheard by their leaders with her inclusive language. “In her actions so far Theresa may have shown that she has been listening, and that is also important in a feminine style of leadership.”
  4. Dr David Paul thinks what makes feminine leaders so attractive is how they listen and equally articulate the feelings of the disenfranchised population. “From a male perspective we do a snapshot survey, because the numbers speak, and therefore we think that we have heard everybody, but when you read the mood and feel the energy, it is a different approach.”
  5. Dr Paul also reminds us of the role of women in keeping the countries going through World War II. They kept the factories going and they held together the fabric of society. “If they had not been there then we would not have had a nation to come back to.” Feminine leadership is not just about roles in politics and business, it also embraces women’s vital leadership in communities and and home-making.

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Radio Show: Why Countries Need Feminine Leadership Right Now

Gina interviewing Viviane Morris

Don’t miss the very first episode of Gina Lazenby’s new radio show, The Rise of the Feminine which launches on Monday 1 August on Voice America (5pm London). This week, Gina will engage with two experts in the fields of feminine leadership, politics and branding and a third guest discusses her entry into the world of local activism for national politics.

First, Gina talks to feminine leadership specialist and author Dr David Paul, discussing a wave of feminine leadership sweeping the world, echoed by the recent appointment of Theresa May to the Prime Minister post in the UK. David has been an adviser to heads of state and government minsters globally, both men and women, and has unique insights into what he sees women can bring to political leadership.

In the second part of the episode, the Country Report, Gina talks to Rúna Magnusdottir, an Icelandic entrepreneur and author, who has had special insight into Iceland’s contribution to the feminine leadership conversation. The discussion is centered mainly on the lessons that the UK can learn from other countries on the perceptions and understanding of feminine leadership.

In the third and final part of this week’s Rise of the Feminine episode, Gina talks with the local chapter leader of the UK’s Women’s Equality party in Harrogate, Yorkshire, Viviane Morris who got involved with the brand new political party with no prior experience in politics. She shares her interest in helping the world raise children who have a more inclusive perception of gender, which gives more hope for the future. We’ll be talking about the Women’s Equality party and its mission in a future show but here we wanted to focus in on what one woman can do when she steps forward and takes action in her local community.

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Brand new radio show on the Rise of the Feminine

lazenby-banner-5Announcing our brand new radio show. From today August 1st, Gina Lazenby will be hosting The Rise of the Feminine live weekly on Voice America digital radio. It will go out on the Variety Channel on Mondays at 9am Pacific time, 5pm London time. You can listen to the show live via the weblink then it gets archived to be accessed .. forever at your convenience.  The Variety channel was chosen to keep the subject more general and mainstream, making a conscious decision not to be on the women’s channel.  The intention is to host conversations about gender and values that include men, in fact several of the show guests will be men. Here is the link to the Voice of America site.

Do join us on this adventure. This conversation about HOW and WHERE the feminine is rising across the planet is one that needs to be opened up with as many people as possible. Your insights and submissions are most welcome. This story about the rise of the feminine is not confined to one continent ….or one culture ….. it is global.

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On the radio show, Gina Lazenby wants to bring a spotlight to feminine leadership. There are two aims: firstly, highlighting how women are rising in the world in the current shift of power and secondly, demonstrating how feminine values are increasingly being expressed in the world by men and women. Very often these are not attributed to a feminine quality but we want these values and traits of compassion, collaboration, caring, connection, community, empathy and intuition, which are at the heart of a new way of doing things, to be seen as feminine. This is not simply a new fad or smart way of doing business, it is the feminine way. By aligning these ways with feminine power we are ensuring that the status and value of women continues to be enhanced until we reach full equality. And this also supports men in embracing the other aspects of their humanity so that they can lead and contribute in a more balanced way.

Very often, as women rise to the top and enter the higher levels of power, they attract criticism for playing the same game as the men, often cited as being harder than the men. That’s both conscious and unconscious and is also an external observation that is not always the truth. Our cultures are very critical and unforgiving of women: just look at what is being hurled at Hillary Clinton right now, and what Julia Gillard was subjected to as Prime Minister of Australia. If you are immersed in a masculine culture that only rewards masculine traits, it can be difficult, and sometimes unsafe, to step out and be different by bringing your whole authentic self to your role and lead with your feminine energy. But times … they are a-changing. Women, and especially women leaders, need a sisterhood of support and this radio show will provide a spotlight to those men and women who have openly championed the feminine way.

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Talking to the men .. at the Global Woman Summit

Gina Lazenby with Mirela SulaGina Lazenby, will be speaking at the Global Woman Summit in London this weekend, July 30-31. The Summit is organised by Mirela Sula of Global Woman Magazine in collaboration with the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research and Club of Budapest.  It is designed to bring together like-minded people passionate about entrepreneurship and creating game-changing business with a focus on financial, personal and spiritual well-being. In these times of fast-paced and complex change, a new paradigm of thinking is being called for.

The main keynote speaker is ERVIN LASZLO, Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (Italy) and Founder and President of The Club of Budapest. Ervin is a renowned philosopher, scientist and humanist, dedicated to the global transformation we need for a sustainable future which he sees will be woman-led. This is the time for women and Erwin will map out how he sees the world shifting from the hyper-masculine that no longer works.  The event has a high quality forum of world class speakers with content aimed at supporting women move forward to create the new world. Attendees will be coming in from almost 20 countries.

Gina Lazenby will be moderating a panel of men, exploring their views and the role of the new masculine in a world of rising feminine energy. Organiser Mirela Sula says, “I have really enjoyed having Gina involved in our events as she brings her great wisdom. She is known for contributing to women in so many ways, helping to make them more visible and build their confidence and stay united together. Gina is very good at collaborating and I have learned much from her, together I know we can do so much more. We are looking forward to having her as a panel host at the Global Woman Summit and especially leading the conversation with the men.




UK’s new female PM aims for a new inclusive politics

FullSizeRenderWe have just survived the most interesting week in politics that the UK has ever had, perhaps since the end of the second World War. (A big shout out to the BBC News channel for their fantastic coverage). Witnessing the vacuum in power when all the key men left, then seeing the women stepping forward, has been really inspiring and quite frankly, a relief! As I said in my blog post last week … when it gets messy, bring on the women.

However, a good friend in Sydney pointed out to me,  we don’t really want to pin our hopes on a female leader if she is just going to be another Margaret Thatcher who did nothing to champion women in politics. In her eleven year reign Mrs Thatcher brought just one woman into the Cabinet! I have been reflecting on this.

Will Theresa be another Thatcher?
The long shadow of Margaret Thatcher as an anti-feminist does indeed still loom large in any conversation about women political leaders, with many men simply thinking any woman will be the same. Apart from any personality issues, I believe Margaret Thatcher was a woman of her time and I don’t think there was any other way to act than to be either one of the men, or better than them at their own game. She did prove that a woman could do, what was probably perceived as a man’s job, and run the country. Thirty years later, having passed through the era-shifting portal of the millennium, we are in a very different world. There are now many female leaders around the globe, albeit the UK ranks as 48th with the number of senior women politicians that we have! David Cameron was very disappointing in his championing of women unlike Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who swept to power last November and created a balanced cabinet with equal number of men and women.!

I do truly hoped that the women who are increasingly stepping into national political roles in the UK will bring something different using their feminine power and not “ just do what men do” as Germaine Greer opined in the Times last month. She noted that as more women rise to the top they simply step into a “man-shaped world” ….  “a world run by women is not the same as having a world run by say, feminists or socialists…..” she said.

I think we have been through a dramatic shift in the last year and the last fortnight in particular. Remember during the General Election in 2015 when half the speakers on the TV debates were female (Scotland, Wales, Green Party leaders). That was a first and many of them were widely judged to have performed better than the men.

Something has changed and there is an appetite for female leadership, ney, I think we could call it a hunger right now. We are actually expecting the women to be different and I believe that is giving them a mandate to bring their authentic leadership style to the table. I don’t think it will be long before we have a new language about leadership with these women setting the agenda and showing a new way.

The BBC last night had a reporter in Swindon asked people what they wanted from their new Prime Minister (a good time filler while we waited for Theresa May to meet the Queen at the Palace). People were asked to write one word on a card that summarised what they were looking for. Here are those words:

  • Pragmatic
  • Bold
  • A Do-er
  • Honest
  • Kind
  • Listener

Theresa outside number 10Yes those qualities will have been curated …. but they are largely what the feminine brings, especially the last two. And Theresa May did not disappoint during her first few hours as Prime Minster on Wednesday evening as she demonstrated most of those qualities. You can read her speech here (with annotations from the Guardian) or watch on the BBC here.

Everybody could see that no plan had been put in place by the people championing to leave the EU … but Theresa has made some bold appointments to handle this. She appointed some of the men who wanted Brexit to happen and they are now heading up a brand new government department to clear up the mess they created.

Theresa May’s first speech was filled with inclusive language. She spoke of:

  • the precious, precious bond (between the countries in the UK)
  • that word unionist is very important to me (the original full name of the Tory party)
  • we believe in a union not just between the nations of the United Kingdom but between all of our citizens – every one of us
  • fighting against the burning injustice
  • The government I lead will be driven, not by the interests of the privileged few but by yours
  • we will think not of the powerful, but you …..

Women Leaders are really taking on inequality
Much of the language during the referendum has been about putting the “Great” back into Britain but what did that really mean? and who has benefited from any initiatives that have been driving the economy forward? The answer is the few… and women leaders are now taking on this issue of wealth inequality. I would indeed have been disappointed if Theresa May had simply repeated about making Britain great again but the final call in her Maiden speech as Prime Minister, was “Together we will build a better Britain”.

She did talk about needing a vision for a new post-Brexit Britain and making a success of leaving the EU, but I also heard her put fairness and inequality right at the heart of her plans. What she said was more akin to a socialist reforming agenda such as we heard when Tony Blair first came to power in the 90s.  She made a promise that new laws and initiatives would be specifically targeted to the many working people and not the few … the 1% rich.

This wealth inequality is what Christine Lagarde, CEO of the International Monetary Fund put at the top of the international agenda at the World Economic Forum’s Davos meeting at the start of 2014. That was when a report from Oxfam showed that 85 people were in possession of half the world’s wealth. Two and a half years later at the Femme Q feminine intelligence conference in Berlin, co-organiser Scilla Elworthy, announced that “now 62 of the richest billionaires have more wealth than half of humanity”.  The last two years of austerity programs have simply made the rich richer and it is this inequality and increasing deprivation of opportunity that corroded the trust which people had in their political leaders. All pleadings from Westminster during the Referendum fell on deaf ears as they came over as more empty promises. Theresa May seemingly listened and has got the message from the country outside the capital. Forget us at your peril.

How the media have reported this rise of the feminine
The Evening Standard spoke of the country having had “enough of malicious male egos … and there’s a matriarchal yearning”. Our new Prime Minister will be joining Angela Merkel, and possibly Hillary Clinton,  on a world stage “cleaning up all the male mess. The Germans call it the Femokratie.”

FullSizeRenderMeanwhile an interesting essay in the Daily Mail last Saturday noted that “femininity is no longer the insuperable obstacle to leadership that it was in the past.” Sadly the page was headlined with “Why are women suddenly ruling the world?” which is both inspiring and threatening. The accompanying graphic was an image of the planet with a woman’s foot in a black stiletto shoe striding over it. We have to shift the conversation about the rise of women to the top key leadership positions as some kind of take-over instead of what it is, the fair representation of half of the population. That will come with time as the culture and culture-narrators in the media become accustomed to female power as a norm.

What do women bring ?
So far, Theresa May is showing that there might just be a different way in politics. She is not a showy, egoic character with an obvious connection to the old boy’s network of Westminster. She says, and everybody agrees, that she just got on with the job. In a leadership contest at another moment in time, her lack of a high profile and charisma could have stood against her but now, after the drama of the Post-Referendum fall-out with the main characters leaving, a quiet, calm, sober figure …. a vicar’s daughter with a proven track record as a hard worker … is absolutely what we need. Satirists and impressionists are having to trawl through media archives searching for the very few recordings of Mrs May. She has either been elusive or her last of participation in there Boy’s Club has made her invisible.

Many women operate under the radar and remain invisible
I just came across a blog post from a friend, Karen Sands, a Leading GeroFuturist who describes herself as a “visionary with wrinkles” and champions the benefits of aging, particularly the gifts brought by older women. Karen was writing about how women, and their efforts/accomplishments in later life, tend to be invisible. At age 59, Theresa May kind of fits into that category.

Karen says, “Women have the opportunity to harness their dominant feminine aspect, to go with the flow, making changes and collaborating with others in ways that go unnoticed by a society so focused on the visible, on the ego. When we fly under the radar of the good old boys’ network, we can make significant, sustainable changes without anyone standing in our way. This is why women must step forward today and act on their power to make a difference—through their votes, their purchases, their leadership, their vision, and yes, their success. Striving for meaningful, sustainable, and profitable success is necessary if we are to have the resources and power to lead significant change.”  A good mandate here for Theresa.

Theresa laughingSo fingers, our new PM may be our second female Prime Minister but let’s hope she is the first to be a real champion of the feminine with pro-female policies heralding a new era and bringing a soft power leadership to the UK.

Meanwhile, I have joined the Women’s Equality party (just one year old now) and if the movement for a cross-party Progressive Alliance movement does continue to get going, we have four years until the next general election to work out better alternatives to what we have now.



“When it gets messy bring on the women”… and it really is messy now

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.03.31

Rt Hon Theresa May, the longest serving Home Secretary since 1892 .. now a serious contender to lead the UK as Prime Minster

This week in politics it has been difficult to pick over the blatant lies to recognise the truths and to separate egoic personal ambition from a strong desire to serve the country… and even to see clearly who actually has the skills to navigate us out of this mess.  It doesn’t help with the media highlighting the drama of personality clashes either.

It is going to take a particular type of leader to see us through the months and years ahead to re-establish our credibility in the global community. Whilst he might have been everybody’s hero during the Brexit campaign, I don’t feel that Boris Johnson has the skills to be an inclusive leader….  remember the look of  shock on his face the morning of his ‘victory’  .. a little bit akin to a rabbit being trapped in the car headlights! At that moment it became clear that these guys did not have a plan. So while on the one hand I admire his running mate Michael Gove for being ‘truthful’ and declaring that what he had seen of Boris’ coping strategy when the proverbial hit the fan over the weekend. His behaviour made Gove recognise (possibly reluctantly) that Boris was NOT the right man to form a new team and heal the current rifts, in the conservative party and in the country. On the other hand, he then declared that HE was in fact the man to do this … again, would we have judged him worse for not knifing Boris the back and also stepping aside … that would make it look like he was walking away from the mess and vacuum that they both were responsible for?

Cross Party Collaboration needs to be created
I believe the way is clear for our current Home Secretary, Theresa May, who has been in that job longer than anyone in history, to be the next Prime Minister and by saying that I am neither declaring myself a Tory supporter nor a socialist. I think that the polarisation of being on the left or right is meaningless right now. We simply need a fair, uniting representation of the people – whatever that will look like. Cross-party collaboration like never before will be critical now to ensure that the voices who declared themselves unheard in the EU election, are now finally listened to.

Female nation leaders stepping it to unite
I found an interesting article this morning about female nation leaders stepping in after countries have been through trauma and crises. As I read it with interest, then increasing recognition, I discovered that I had written myself it two years ago !!

Basically, I reported in a post on this blog about research which examined five-decades of 5,700 national leaders which showed that in the most ethnically diverse countries, women outperform their male counterparts in terms of GDP, which is a significant indicator of progress. In tough economies with great ethnic diversity, countries with a female at the helm correlate with a 6.6 % rate of growth in GDP after their arrival. This compares, in similar situations with a less than 1% return from male leaders.

Perhaps some feminine sensitivity is needed for healing the divides
As report author Professor Katherine Phillips said, this “dispels the myth that women are too maternal, lack strength or are otherwise ill-equipped to provide senior-level leadership in trying times and amid complex circumstances. Our findings reveal that not only can women grow global economies, but that a little motherly sensitivity can go a long way in guiding a nation in need of healing to not only mend, but thrive.” I think that would now include the UK! We certainly qualify as a nation in need of healing.

Nobody has really been discussing any gender aspect of our current leadership needs and it would be fair to say that most of the players in the game have been men with a few walk-on parts taken by women … with of course the exception of Nicola Sturgeon who seems to continue to be a uniting force within Scotland.

I have not previously taken much notice of Theresa May but yesterday when she stepped on to the podium to announce her much anticipated candidacy for Britain’s next Prime Minster, I really saw that she had the reassuring presence which this Westminster comedy of errors is now calling for. You could tell she had been given a well-crafted script but by by comparison with much of the unscripted Eastenders-like drama around her, her voice was quiet, regal and reassuring.

“I am Theresa May and I think I am the best person to run this country.” For me that bold statement alone was a dead give-away that the words were written by a man. That’s OK … we need strong leadership now and courageous declarations. And the next bit was clever because it tackles all the criticisms levelled against her about being boring .. surely the polar opposite of the now-departed Boris Johnson.

“I don’t tour the Television studios, I don’t go gossiping about people over lunch, I don’t go drinking in Parliament bars …. and I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I just get on with the job in front of me.” She continued “People want strong resilient leadership and honesty from politicians”…. ouch, that was a clear reference to the lies that were the cornerstone of the Brexit campaign with many campaign promises being reneged on within hours of the win being announced last Friday. Trust in politicians in general is at its lowest and a calm, steady pair of hands, with a good track record at the top is probably a safe bet for restoring faith in our system. She is actually the longest serving Home Secretary since 1892 .. more than 120 years.

When it gets messy bring on the women
We also need a female role model who is different to Margaret Thatcher. Loved and hated seemingly in equal measure, we need to prove that not all women will be clones of Margaret. Politics is changing, unity is required and I strongly believe that feminine qualities of compassion and collaboration are what is needed to unite  the country.

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, often points out the difference that women bring to leadership situations. She is famously quoted as saying that if it had been Lehman sisters, the bank would probably not have collapsed. She also says that when times are tough, women are much better at doing what needs to be done and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying: “ When it’s messy, get the women.”
I think Andrea Leadsom with her finance and city experience would be a good deputy PM and we have never had a female duo at the helm. And we could find that a likely Labour leadership challenge puts another woman in the Opposition Leader role. Interesting times ahead.

A roadmap from Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard for the uncharted times ahead

Gina Lazenby with Barbara Marx Hubbard talking on Brexit morning about the bigger picture of what this all means

Gina Lazenby with Barbara Marx Hubbard talking on Brexit morning about the bigger picture of what this all means

A small group of women had gathered to listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard, considered the original futurist and a woman who has written many books about conscious evolution. We were brought together on Friday, June 24 by Mirella Sula of Global Woman Magazine. The kind of women who showed up were all passionate about aligning their business interests with their deep commitment to creating change in the world. Barbara Marx Hubbard is definitely a poster girl for understanding how to ride waves of change, and at age 86 she been a leader in this field for over half a century.

I travelled down to the gathering from the north of England especially to meet Barbara. What started out as an interesting and exciting encounter became something a little more urgent as we were all trying to grapple with the surprising news about Brexit … the UK’s unexpected departure from the EU was just announced a couple of hours before we met. Barbara was a perfect mentor for putting all this real and potential chaos into perspective. Barbara was with us for just over an hour and half of that time was for questions. I was very keen to have time for an interview so when I heard that she was leaving immediately for the House of Lords, I asked to join her and ended up doing my video and audio interview in the back of a London taxi cab .. as you do !!

Here is the interview to watch. It’s very insightful and couldn’t be more perfect in its timing to begin to give us a roadmap. We are used to living in uncertain times but the political structures that we have become accustomed to, and we know no longer serve us, are actually dismantling hour by hour. There really is no map for what is ahead and it is crying out for a new kind of leadership, something we have not seen before but have to do envision afresh. I have also Transcript BMH Interview so that you can read it here … there is much to digest.

A few key insights:
This is all meant to happen as part of evolution
In order to have transformation happen, which is what we are seeking in order to fix our systems that no longer work, breakthroughs have to be created but breakthroughs can only come once we’ve had breakdown. This is exactly the space were are in now with our political system and democracy.

It looks fearful because that is all we are focusing on
The media we have is operating in the old paradigm and is only reporting everything that is bad news. The total focus is on what’s not working and we are in such an overload with that this weekend, it puts people in a state of fear, and against each other.  There are plenty of initiatives around the world of things being done differently and successfully that would give us hope but they are not being included in this one-sided news story. It is hard to have a vision for new possibilities when you are ignorant of all the good things that are already being instigated through other people’s creativity. Hope over fear will be a guiding light.

Why there is a big opportunity here for women
New leadership is needed and this is likely to come from the women. It by no means indicates that women would take over, it simply means that the men who created the systems that have now broken are trapped in an old way of working. It’s hard for them to see alternatives. Men are structured into a success syndrome culture but that’s not a natural way for women to work. This is where our creativity will come in and our feminine style of leadership with different values. Compassion, tolerance, intuition, listening, community building .. these are all highly feminine capacities which are being called for at this time.

Connection and community is key
Around the world people are already gathering in small groups, like we did in London on Friday, to discuss new ways forward. We don’t know what we are each doing … there is an urgency for us to connect. As Barbara said, everything that rises has to mobilise. Creating communities of common purpose that can connect to each other will be the way forward. As the big power systems start to collapse, which is quite terrifying to most people, the potential void creates space for the new initiatives to come through. The gaps are always frightening but they give us a chance so we need courage.

Men need our help
This is the time where the evolving woman needs to nurture the evolving man. We have to give men love, support and guidance to enable them to step into different ways of being that they are not familiar with. While stepping forward we also need to step back and provide a space of holding, to enable men to take on the inner exploration that they need to find their own creativity in a way that they have not done before. It is a beautiful and scary journey for all but at the end of it we will be creating different kinds of relationships where both the man and woman will be aligned by the passion that comes from the jointly supporting each others’ purpose.

The Dalai Lama is right about women saving the world …
He has said that the world will be saved by western women. We’ve got the freedom, the education and for those over 50 and the decades beyond, there is much less focus on child care. We know how to love a family and our concept of family has expanded globally. Barbara so elegantly put it: “We have more love in our hearts than we were able to give in the old structures”. We are on the loose with energy and passion and we need to mobilise … !

The Breakfast Event where Barbara had been speaking was organised by Mirela Sula, Founder of Global Woman Magazine. Their next major event is the Global Women’s Summit on July 30-31