Radio Show

The Rise of the Feminine Radio

Each 50-minute program is aired live on a Monday 9am PST/5pm London on the Voice America Variety channel. Started August 2016. About the Show

Host Gina Lazenby introduces a theme and the show usually features three guests. Firstly an expert discusses an aspect of feminine energy being expressed in the world that speaks to the main episode theme (15-20 mins); the second interview is the Country report (10 mins) and thirdly, one woman shares her story of making a difference somewhere in the world or society (10 mins).

Previous Episodes:

Episode 1 – Why Countries Need Feminine Leadership Right Now

Episode 2 – The world’s future depends on women shaping a new paradigm (Special report from the Global Woman Summit)

Episode 3 Feminine Intelligence – the new operating system has arrived

Episode 4 – In an Age of Soft Power, Technology Helps Women Shape The Future

 Episode 5Episode 5 Gender Economics & Feminine Vision in Action

Country Focus 

Each week we tour the world. This feature is taking a look at a country through the eyes and experience of one woman. The country is selected based of its connection with the Episode theme or a perspective is given about an aspect that relates to the theme.


  • Iceland – reporting on the female prime minister & leaders coming in after the country’s crisis and bankruptcy in 2008 (in the political feminine leadership themed episode)
  • Germany – an ex IBM Government lobbyist spoke about the feminine intelligence that she witnessed while being around Angela Merkel
  • Norway – a Norwegian business leader who worked extensively around the globe and was able to compare opportunities for women that she grew up with that were different to what she saw as she traveled
  • South Africa – Leading Women of Africa provide the means for visionary women business owners to be part of rebuilding the infrastructure of the country. Forget beads and bangles, these women are focused on buildings

One Woman Feature

It isn’t always the high profile headline acts of leadership that inspire us the most. Sometimes it’s the simple, courageous vision and action of one woman doing something she found inspiring or had a lasting impact on others


Phyllis SantaMaria – a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala in the 1960s. Five decades later, the original women’s weaving project she put in place has left a legacy of empowerment that continues to lift the whole community.

Viviane Morris – Moving into her third age and newly retired, she set up a chapter in Yorkshire for the newly formed Women’s Equality Party. No previous experience in politics or organising before, but a sense of rightness about equality, particularly for the emerging generation of school kids.

Helen Walbey – an entrepreneur and women’s enterprise champion for the Welsh government, Helen is the only woman to run a motorcycle scrap yard in the UK. She taught herself engineering and is a fearless champion for the feminine way of doing business in a highly masculine world.

Bernhard Plesher yes a man made it into our feature. After setting up his new enterprise, Bernhard was stressed and losing sleep worrying about staff. Then he decided to try a different way and empowered his workforce, inspired by the heart-centred way women are able to run businesses. Now his work life is a joy to him and his turnover is over 100 million euros.

Valerie Humphreys – Retired guesthouse owner & grandmother took on young Denis, namesake of her deceased husband. A penniless porter on the Gorilla trail in Uganda, Denis had a dream of becoming a doctor and Valerie made that happen. For the last five years, 81 year old Valerie has been fundraising to put him through medical school.


Future Features & Themes this autumn 2016

  1. The Feminine Vision into Action
  2. Feminine Wisdom – an emergent force
  3. Changing nature of relationships in later life – when the last kid leaves home….
  4. The trouble with young girls
  5. Feminine Power
  6. The new masculine
  7. Rome Report (Special Feminine Leadership Report from WIN conference)
  8. Feminine Voice – being heard

Submissions / Ideas

If you would like to nominate a subject for discussion or a woman to interview then please email