What they’re saying

”I am a woman working in a predominately man’s world and have been for many years now. I have known Gina for over 10 years and I recognise her as being a true inspirational leader of ‘’feminine leadership’’. Firstly, she is one of the strongest feminine leaders I know. She has been constant in her beliefs and messages ever since I have known her and has been passionate to create environments and networks for other feminine leaders to develop and grow.  For me, she is inspirational, in that she pushes the boundaries that she personally experiences and then integrates her findings into her own work, so that other women leaders can share & understand. I have seen first hand how Gina flies the international flag for feminine leadership …. whatever creed, colour or gender orientation, she is a true role model for women today, and the next generation.

The development of professional women internationally is more vital than ever. I recall back in 1985 being the only woman who held one of the most senior positions at a very well known brand of a national TV rental business in the UK. I remember my first day when my male peers, who were well over 20 years older than me, thought I was ”the secretary” and were agasp when they realised I was at the same grade as them with the same salary. They were very uncomfortable. The TV rental business at the time really needed a shake up with fresh thinking and the Director who hired me was an amazing visionary and saw the contribution I could make. He took the risk of bringing me in to the team … not only was I  a woman but almost a generation younger than my colleagues. I am so grateful for the stand he took for me.  Women still need the support of such visionaries willing to make change. Young and old, we have such a unique set of natural skills not necessarily recognised, even by ourselves, but if harnessed, these can revolutionise world events, international corporate business, local businesses & communities alike.

Gina has been at the forefront of the feminine leadership movement internationally for many years, she is uniquely positioned now to take this very important subject to the highest levels. There has never been more of a need.”

Julie Hamilton, Chief Operations Officer, Ferroleum Group Limited
London & Hong Kong
Gina Lazenby isn’t just a world authority on ‘Feminine Leadership’ and ‘Women’s Empowerment’ because she knows and facilitates her subjects well, quite simply its because she lives them.  Who she is privately is no different to who she is professionally.  How Gina is, is a constant: Caring, Creative, Connected, Soul Confident, Co-Creative, Intuitive, Respecting and Playful!   Gina leans in to Uncertainty and navigates life with Curiosity. She lives on her growing edge.

Having successfully bridged the gap between leading in the corporate world and the world outside makes her a perfect facilitator of the skills, qualities and development capacities necessary to create a new work paradigm …… One that is not gender based or led, rather it is all inclusive. A partnering of both feminine and masculine values; evolving corporations to lead sustainably, consciously, mutually and with accountability and vision. And most crucially with heart and care.

Gina Lazenby is a woman destined to impact the Evolution of Women’s Consciousness and further Feminine Leadership in both the corporate world and world at large.   As someone serious about change and leadership, I for one, intend to partner closely with Gina for the adventure.  To those committed to taking leading roles in your lives, your work and the world,  I highly recommend following Gina closely.
Nyali Muir, Leadership Coach

“Gina is a motivational speaker who has actually experienced everything she talks about. She walks the talk no matter what.  Thank you Gina for transforming our lives. I dread to imagine where I would be without your inspiration and support.
MB, CEO, Publisher & Movie Producer

“Gina is a relentless campaigner. She truly inspires you into action as she practices what she preaches in every area of her life.   The first time I met her and experienced her energy levels I decided that I wanted some of that.   And then there was no looking back. Our whole life and experience of living as a family transformed.” LB Theatre Director

“I was so impressed with the group led by Gina, it really surpassed my expectations….  She created great focused energy in the group.  Nobody wanted to leave…   Gina is practical, intuitive and supportive.  My experience with her was very powerful!  I only hope many more people will have opportunity to take part in Gina’s educational sessions.”  GG, Business Coach

.“One year on I can say that your retreat was a very important weekend in my life, such a catalyst for me … I am eternally grateful. The work we did on finding our purpose really helped me focus on making what I am passionate about into a business. I feel very positive about the future even though I have just experienced one of my most difficult years.”  BB, business owner

“I really do feel very inspired and refreshed – something I’ve been searching for for a long time. The wellbeing you exude is infectious and I hope I never recover from it !” Isobel

“Whenever we meet, I leave feeling enriched!  Your unerring ability to communicate in gentle ways so that everyone can benefit, is always impressive.  You are a magnificently honest woman who, over all the many years I have known you, has always walked your talk.” IC, Management Consultant


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