lazenby-banner-5Announcing our brand new radio show. From today August 1st, Gina Lazenby will be hosting The Rise of the Feminine live weekly on Voice America digital radio. It will go out on the Variety Channel on Mondays at 9am Pacific time, 5pm London time. You can listen to the show live via the weblink then it gets archived to be accessed .. forever at your convenience.  The Variety channel was chosen to keep the subject more general and mainstream, making a conscious decision not to be on the women’s channel.  The intention is to host conversations about gender and values that include men, in fact several of the show guests will be men. Here is the link to the Voice of America site.

Do join us on this adventure. This conversation about HOW and WHERE the feminine is rising across the planet is one that needs to be opened up with as many people as possible. Your insights and submissions are most welcome. This story about the rise of the feminine is not confined to one continent ….or one culture ….. it is global.

The show will also have a home and discussion space on Facebook. Here is the link to the new page.

It would be most helpful if you could take a moment to LIKE the Facebook page and share it with your circle …that would help start to get the ball rolling and give the show some exposure. Thank you. Any assistance you can give to support a successful launch is so much appreciated.

On the radio show, Gina Lazenby wants to bring a spotlight to feminine leadership. There are two aims: firstly, highlighting how women are rising in the world in the current shift of power and secondly, demonstrating how feminine values are increasingly being expressed in the world by men and women. Very often these are not attributed to a feminine quality but we want these values and traits of compassion, collaboration, caring, connection, community, empathy and intuition, which are at the heart of a new way of doing things, to be seen as feminine. This is not simply a new fad or smart way of doing business, it is the feminine way. By aligning these ways with feminine power we are ensuring that the status and value of women continues to be enhanced until we reach full equality. And this also supports men in embracing the other aspects of their humanity so that they can lead and contribute in a more balanced way.

Very often, as women rise to the top and enter the higher levels of power, they attract criticism for playing the same game as the men, often cited as being harder than the men. That’s both conscious and unconscious and is also an external observation that is not always the truth. Our cultures are very critical and unforgiving of women: just look at what is being hurled at Hillary Clinton right now, and what Julia Gillard was subjected to as Prime Minister of Australia. If you are immersed in a masculine culture that only rewards masculine traits, it can be difficult, and sometimes unsafe, to step out and be different by bringing your whole authentic self to your role and lead with your feminine energy. But times … they are a-changing. Women, and especially women leaders, need a sisterhood of support and this radio show will provide a spotlight to those men and women who have openly championed the feminine way.

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Listen to the Radio Show Live on Mondays – 9am California, 5pm London