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Soren Gordhamer in conversation with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner during Wisdom Week in San Francisco
Soren Gordhamer of Wisdom 2.0 in conversation with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner during Wisdom Week in San Francisco

My first day in San Francisco and off I went to Menlo Park, the heart of Silicon Valley, for my first event during Wisdom Week. It was a fantastic opportunity to sit up close and listen to an industry leader who heads the world’s largest online network of business professionals. I was also fortunate to be one of the few who asked Jeff a question (that’s a separate post).

As an advocate for Dr Riane Eisler’s work into the vital contribution of Caring Economics to business success, and one of her trained Conversation Leaders, this event on Compassionate Management was top of my agenda. What was Jeff going to say about compassion in business? In fact, you rarely see those two words in the same sentence so what was a high-profile business leader doing nailing his colours to the mast of caring? As it turned out, he had a lot of good stuff to say. I transcribed the conversation and if you care to download it, you will find it a rich resource for bringing new skills to your own management and leadership practice. Jeff’s commitment to creating a culture that fully embraces the value of compassion is an excellent example of a new kind of leadership, and one which is at the forefront of one of the world’s leading new business success stories.

“Nine years ago I would have rolled my eyes at culture and values. …Today I would argue that culture and values are our most competitive advantage … My advice would be to get serious about your culture and values.” Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn

In the conversation Jeff shares:

  • the life-changing book that he was given which fundamentally changed how he saw the world, and 13 years later it remains on his night stand
  • in detail how he manages communication and relationships with his staff avoiding upsets but still tackling conflict head on to deeply understand why people do what they do
  • how in an open, honest and constructive environment, a compassionate approach to everything they do builds a culture that ensures everyone remains committed and really understands where they fit in and the contribution they make
  • the 4 most important ways to successfully tackle a conversation with your boss from hell
  • 3 practical applications for business of compassionate management and how this successfully drives the world’s largest professional online business community
  • his personal commitment to well-being and how he maintains his energy
  • secrets and revealing insights to his time and life management
  • his vision for a better world …. it’s a dynamite list of tips!!

Download the pdf Jeff Weiner Talks Compassion here:

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